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With one towel, a host of imported gadgety stuff and twelve months of realising we weren't the only one's selling "off the shelf" gifts from China; we went back to the drawing board in a bid to define a new strategy. After several beers - at the time it was a pre-requisite of all board meetings that they be held in a pub - we hit on our DCA (Defensible Competitive Advantage). We summed this up in our strapline "Great Brands Brought to Life".

Fast forward to 2015 and we have since ‘divisionalised’ (is that a real word?) our company into 4 strands each with a positioning and an aim. Here’s a flavour for what they are and what they do:

Wow! Stuff Gifts – We aim to be the number 1 UK based company in licensed and branded gifts within 3 years. In 2015, we embarked upon a devilishly cool, long term, unique and exciting way to create gifts that are trend based, trend leading and trend forecasting. The new ranges hit shelves in 2016 and join our evergreen portfolio of leading licensed brands.

Wow! Labs – This small team of scientists, all with the two letters Dr. before their name, work with many other techy geeks and scientists to create and combine technologies to enable richer gameplay in toys. In 2014, we won Hasbro’s inventor of the year for a robot we created for their fabulous NERF brand. We have launched our Artificial Intelligence raceway, RealFX®, in multiple countries and have some really amazing new tech coming through, ensuring that RealFX® is the ultimate racing system for kids of all ages. We also developed and patented Platform ONEB (aka 1B) and will bring this to market in due course.

Wow! Stuff Toys – this is the distribution arm for the Wow! Labs developed tech toys. After several years we have appointed distributors across the world for our groundbreaking, mass market R/C brand TX Juice. See more in the Products section of this site.

Before you turnover the webpage it would be remiss of us to not mention our Arse/Face towel one more time. It’s coming back and it’s bigger and bolder than ever, and it’s being joined by some new exciting gift categories and brands.

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