The Demonstration Academy

We use our Demo Academy to search out the very best demonstrators to show off our toys in retail stores across the world on the run up to Christmas.

That’s what our hundreds of Demonstration Artists™ of boys and girls get to do every year, and get paid for it. Of course not everyone qualifies as a Demonstration Artist™. Many get knocked out in the qualifying stages.

To be a Wow! Stuff Artist you must have stamina, a great sense of humour, enjoy being the centre of attention and love creating those jaw dropping moments when the customer has no other word than WOW to describe what they’re seeing.

We deploy our Artists in our retail partner stores across the globe and boy do the sales go up when you combine our Wow! Stuff with a Wow! demonstration! Yes, there’s a lot of exclamation marks in that sentence but it’s the only way we know of describing the excitement and fun of doing Wow!

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