The Wow! Stuff Way

Over the years our founder and CEO Richard North has enjoyed studying lots of stuff on business, networked with other business bods, learnt from our own board of directors and other entrepreneurs. He’s also been asked to do various lectures on what he thinks makes his company what it is. Richard continues to send out memo’s to all of us at Wow! Stuff discussing his findings and thoughts and we don’t delete all of them either! Through his experiences he’s come up with a number of business mantra’s, we call these mantra’s ‘The Wow! Stuff Way’ and they’ve become the way we do things round here.

The whole team have the chance to throw in their ideas for the Wow! Stuff way if we think we have an idea that will help the business run smoothly. These ideas can be put forward in our Bacon & Banana meetings which we hold every Friday morning, allowing the whole company to get together for an hour to discuss what’s happening in the business. We’ve been doing this for 8 years now and still nobody has ever actually seen anyone with a banana.

We can make mistakes here too. In fact as long as we don’t bet the company on red or black we have quite a lot of freedom that might not be as common in a big corporate business.

However, for corporate types who prefer buzzwords like CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) you can take a look at our own three point CSR programmehere

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