Science Putty

Bounce, Stretch, Shape, Shatter and Play!

Science putty has an incredible range of properties:

It bounces when made into a ball. It stretches when gently pulled apart. You can mould it in to any shape you want and it snaps when quickly pulled apart. It also melts and forms a pool over long periods of time.

Endless stress relief and fun!

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  • Contents

    • 40g of putty per tin, with 36pcs per counter disply unit.
    • Full instructions for use
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  • This is a really great toy. Bought it for a friend and we have spent hours moulding it into different shapes and watching it slowly return to a more liquid "blob" state through the effects of gravity. Definitely a thumbs up, but watch out for your clothes! - A. Braae (UK)
    bought this as an xmas stocking filler very good fun and plenty of intrigue. good value for money, i would recommend it - gumbo
    Just a little note to say, my son got this 11 months ago, and it is not only still going strong - ie hasn't dried up - it peels off surfaces easily leaving no marks, and is still great fun - you can bounce it off walls etc - helen reader
    Much more fun than usual 'silly putty' play-dough. This snaps, bounces, breaks, twists, bends, and makes bubbles which burst with a 'POP'. Brilliant stuff for thinking with! - Miss CRJ Owen